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Any hospital will have issues when it comes to deploying the best IT practices. While the IT Manager is encountered with day to day problems, the Management is unable to capitalize the Systems for better decision making – mainly because the IT Manager is hard pressed to work beyond the realm of daily challenges.

IT is perfect backbone for any hospital to plan its activities – be it:
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Patient care
  • Billing and Revenue Management
  • Doctor performance
  • Turnaround time
  • Operational efficacy etc

Aosta provides strategic and result oriented consultation and advice to Hospitals when it comes to IT. As experts in Healthcare IT with more than 1000 man years’ experience, Aosta is well poised with varied expertise – be it Software, Hardware, Process, People etc

Tick for Aosta Advantage!

Hospital clients can choose “AOSTA ADVANTAGE” (AA) program. Through this Program, Aosta Expert team will do the following health check for IT and advise the best course of action through a time bound exercise. This could be the following:

Project Task Summary of Activities Deliverables
IT Assets Health check up This involves activities like analyzing the Hardware, IT Infra assets like Printers, Scanners, Camera, RFID, etc. AA Experts will also check the deployment adequacy , storage capacity, current performance, etc. AA will give a report on whether the Hospital uses the best in class/latest infra assets and recommend strategies for improvements (if any).
Adoption of Medical Technologies /Software standards AA Experts will check and analyze whether the Hospital uses/adopts the correct /adequate medical technologies in accordance with near and long term business goals A detailed analysis to be done on fields like whether the Hospital uses the correct Hospital Management System, EMR, BI platforms etc,. to deliver value and reduce time-to-market. Study will report hospital’s readiness to embrace newer next-generation capabilities using emerging technologies like Big Data, mobile health, cloud computing, AI, Machine Learning, etc. AA team will perform end-to-end application development (can also recommend & choose partners) and help drive technology transformation initiatives (like Cloud hosting, mobile health readiness etc) and build enterprise BI / analytics solutions around the same.
Data and Standards Management AA Experts will analyze things like data storage, latency, up-time, encryption formats, integration aspects, etc.. We would advise on the best back-up strategies, usage of data metrics for better business insights, security measures for preventing data leaks, usage of Software Tools and relevant hardware for data protection, etc., to ensure successful business transformation.
Security Analysis & compliance AA Experts will check the security aspects – both hardware and software and the data threats if any along with compliances’ strategy The security components like firewall protection, secured Wi-Fi network, antivirus, password strengths, etc. will be studied by the AA team.
Advice and implementation of right software and standards like HIPAA and other protocols for Certifications and Standards will be a part of the deliverables
Patient Engagement Analysis AA Experts will analyze the practices followed for better Patient engagement and clinical advisory The AA team will dig deeper into the strategies followed for the marketing activities. Analysis will be done on areas like –is patient data up-to-date, how are the patient notified about their clinical data, is there any interface between the hospital and patient, follow up mechanism, etc., Based on the study, the AA team will communicate all efficient ways of patient engagement and educate the users on the tools available for the same.
Healthcare CRM AA experts will understand the marketing/business promotion done to lure new patients and service existing patients A detailed study will be made on the number of review registrations happening over a period of time. The results obtained will be analysed to state the percentage of follow up patient registrations per month. The AA team will further give insights on how to improve the count by performing activities like Loyalty Program Cards, health card schemes, follow up notifications to patients, etc.
Engagement Model

AA follows a very simple engagement model to provide the above services to its clients viz Time and Material (T & M) basis.
Hospital clients can sign up AA Program which typically operates in the following manner:

  • Aosta’s Senior Consultant will do an initial assessment exercise
  • Aosta will present its findings based on that exercise to the Hospital Management where specific improvements or modifications have to be done across the above mentioned areas
  • Based on the outcome of the meeting, Aosta will devise a customized proposal detailing the deliverables, timeline and costs
  • Aosta will conclude this exercise by showing the clear metrics of improvements.

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